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Birch Gold Chaga


Fuel your life with chaga: the highest antioxidants of any known substance


Experience the energy.Experience your best self.


Chaga is the most comprehensive nutrition nature has to offer.


You want to be healthy.



Are you equipped to function in today’s world? 

Toxic foods, industrial pollution, and stress culture take their toll resulting in chronic poor nutrition, low energy, and weak immune systems. Many feel depressed, tired, stressed, and anxious.


It’s plain wrong to be feeling any of these symptoms when there are solutions like chaga.


Nature doesn’t intend for us to be sick, it intends for us to be thriving at our highest potential.


We provide the highest quality chaga, making sure to have a huge impact on your wellbeing.


When you have chaga, you possess an incredible tool to nourish yourself. 


Brew, drink, feel amazing.


We have a relationship with an ethical wild foods foraging cooperative that sources only the highest quality medicinals. 


Birch Gold Chaga is:

Quality, Sustainability, and Education.


Ready for the chaga challenge! Drink chaga every day for 30 days and feel the difference in your mind, body, and spirit. 


When you buy chaga we promise you this:

  1. You will receive the highest quality chaga available.
  2. You will be on track to giving yourself the most robust gift nature has to offer.


Experience more energy

Stop getting sick and enjoy an incredible immune system

Replenish your body with the trace minerals your body needs

Experience more strength than ever

Be equipped to handle viral loads


Do you have a plan to stay nourished if you don’t use chaga? How do you know what you’re using is quality?

Some people depend on hyper processed powders or pills from a company they know nothing about, and their health pays the consequences.


Chaga is your connection with natural vitality.

Buy Alaska Chaga

You just found the best chaga on Earth.

Here’s why:

Sourced from Alaska’s only foraging co-operative. No middleman. We make sure local harvesters are protected.

We know what it actually means to be sustainable. Read our statement on sustainability, and learn about the research we are conducting. 

We harvest just 200 miles South of the arctic circle. The harsher the climate, the stronger the nutrients.

We aren’t interested in money. We encourage you reach out to us, get to know us, and learn what we are really about. Selling mushrooms isn’t a get rich quick scheme; it’s a lot of work. We do this out of passion: a form of wealth no one can sell or buy. 

So many companies sell weak tinctures.

Or sell you bottles with mushrooms on the labels, yet are selling you only the fungus mycelium.

Birch Gold Chaga




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