Chaga’s Side Effects

Chaga’s Side Effects

Most companies don’t make any mention of chaga’s side effects; we find this dishonest and frankly, dangerous.

Not only is it delicious, chaga is an incredible source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It supplies the body with many tools to keep you operating at maximum potential. There is so much to learn about why and how chaga is the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately most companies only focus on the positives, and neglect to mention the potential negatives.

Here’s what everyone should know:

Chaga naturally lowers blood pressure. 

For this reason it can be a wonderful tool for those with high blood pressure. However, if an individual is already taking drugs for high blood pressure, drinking chaga could drop their blood pressure too low. 

Chaga naturally lowers blood sugar. 

Again, if you are taking drugs for this already, consuming chaga could mean a double dose.

Chaga contains high amounts of oxalates. 

There is now empirical evidence that connects high chaga consumption with kidney stones. Do not consume chaga if you suffer from kidney or liver conditions.