How To Harvest Chaga

How Do You Harvest Chaga?

Chaga is a slow growing fungus that only reproduces at the end of its life. Although it is a parasite to the Birch Tree, it is symbiotic with many other species, including the beetle, the woodpecker, Hericium mushrooms, and humans. It is very important to follow these guidelines when harvesting your own supply. 

Don’t take it all! 

Use a hatchet to remove the pieces of chaga that come off easily. Don’t dig into the tree to remove more chaga. This kills the chaga and it doesn’t grow back. However, if you take only the outer portion, the chaga will grow back in a few years and still reproduce, resulting in more chaga!

Always express your thankfulness. It may feel weird talking to trees, but many experiments have shown the power of thought and intention to influence healing and psychology. You are handling a powerful organism; you should feel grateful!