Why Should I Buy Birch Gold Chaga?

Someone might ask, “Why should I buy Birch Gold Chaga?”


  1. We have the most nutritious and cleanest chaga you can get your hands on. 

Many studies prove that the farther North something grows the more nutrition it contains. Wild Alaskan Blueberries for example are much higher than any other in their ORAC, or antioxidant score. Some people think the plants become more nutritious as the climate becomes harsher. This helps the plant stay alive and helps other members of the ecosystem stay alive also. Our Alaskan chaga is harvested just below the Arctic Circle, just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Not only is this extremely far North, but much of Alaska is still untouched wilderness, free from industrial pollution.


  1. You know where it’s coming from. Many companies simply buy their chaga from whoever. We only source our chaga from the only known forager’s cooperative, The Chaga Co-operative. This organization formed to ensure that harvester’s no longer get taken advantage of by middlemen in the market, they learn sustainable practices, and they comply with land use regulations. Many companies don’t care where their product is sourced, how it was harvested, and if the harvester is being paid a fair wage. The Chaga Co-operative is the only organization that ensures sustainability, respect for the land owners, and full protection of those who work hard to bring this amazing chaga into our lives. 
  2. It’s wild, as organic as it gets, and not mycelium! Many people learn how great chaga is then buy the first product they see. Unfortunately they end up buying what is called chaga mycelium. Mycelium is nutritionally inferior to the wild chaga conk, and is usually grown on a substrate of 90% grain or sawdust. Many people hide this fact by selling it in capsules or cardboard flavored “extract powders”. The best way to consume chaga, by far, is in its purest and least processed form. Raw chunks or grounds brewed into a strong tea becomes something much more impressive than just another supplement. It is an experience that warms the body, heart, and spirit.